Shop Update: For Color Wrap

For Color is a rectangular wrap with a lovely all-over floral pattern. It can be knit in full shawl size or as a smaller wrap/scarf. Combining simple yarn overs and decreases with a unique edge pattern, For Color offers all kinds of variety while still being accessible for beginning lace knitters. This wrap looks best in tonal, heathered, or solid yarns with nice drape but not too much weight.


For Color Wrap

Knit in just over 500 yards of Manos Silk Blend, The full version of For Color is 15″ x 56″ long.

Rect Shawl For Color | Deep Roots Knits

It can be knit in two different sizes, which offers the value of two garments in one pattern. The smaller wrap, which is ideal for those who prefer an over-shoulder drape, wide scarf, or are petite, is 9″ x 42″. The pattern may be easily adjusted for width or length by adding or subtracting pattern repeats. Just be sure to account for adjustments when buying yarn!

Please feel free to contact me if you have any comments or questions about this pattern! And thanks, as always, for your support. Happy knitting!

For Color Wrap