Are We Doing a Little Too Much?

I like to use this blog as a little journal of what’s been going on in my creative life, both in design and at home, but I swear I’ve been avoiding it lately because my mind just needed a VACATION from all that’s been happening!

This place looks pretty good. Let’s go to there! (Photo:

I finally decided, last week, to go on strike. Or maybe just my brain did, and didn’t tell me. I kind of shut down and quit doing…well, almost everything. I realized after a couple of days of slobbing around in my sweats with a dirty kitchen, not caring, that mayyyybe I’d been too busy? So I gave myself some grace and just slowed down. But today, I think I’m back to normal. My kitchen is finally clean, the floors are all swept (this snow/melt/snow pattern is so gross on floors), and the laundry machines are humming! It may not be St. Thomas up in here, but all is right with the world.

Since we talked last, the Sweet William scarf went into the world (hooray!). I’m so pleased with the response to this lovely little scarf.

I’ve felt for a long time that the men’s/unisex knitting world needs a bit more variety, so here and there I’ll be doing my part to add to it. It’s nice to have some input from my own teenaged sons in the design process, since I know what I like, but not necessarily what men like. I’m hearing reports from friends that their boyfriends and husbands intend to steal Sweet William as soon as it’s off their needles, so I’m pleased.

Sweet William | Deep Roots Knits

I am also so grateful for the continued response to the Hammer Cap.

Hammer Cap | Deep Roots Knits

Refugees continue to need our help, and I am so honored to be a part of your generosity and desire to reach out and help. I’ve been able to make donations to each week in February because of your purchases. 100% of your purchase price is forwarded on (which, yes, means I make zero profit on this design, and even lose a bit with Paypal fees. But it’s worth it to me). Emails like this one I received this week just reinforce that I’m doing the right thing, and that there are so many others who feel deeply about helping those in need.

So thank you!

This month, I’ve also been working on testing and finishing up the pattern for the Sadie Cloche. I’m so in love with this pattern.

It’s a subtle, simple little bit of retro style that’s perfectly wearable today. The story behind Sadie is dear to my heart, and I can’t wait to share it with you in a few days, but I love this pretty little hat with its quiet detail. I hope you all love it, too!

At home, we just finished up 8th grade basketball season! It was so fun to watch my boys play, particularly since they were on the same team. Their skills grew quite a bit this season, and I was impressed with their coach’s ability to inspire and uplift. Something reminds me, every day, how grateful I am that we moved to this area last summer, and the change in the way my boys worked together on a team was one more tangible proof.

Because it’s February, this was also Justin’s birthday month, and for the first time ever, we celebrated with a little weekend staycation! It was so nice to have a little time away for ourselves. We had a wonderful couples massage at a Inspire Day Spa, went to dinner at Alavita, one of our favorite downtown spots, had a magnificently uninterupted night of sleep at the Modern Hotel and an amazing brunch from a James Beard Award-nominated chef before we came home. It was pretty fantastic!

We also had our traditional Valentine’s Day breakfast,

my weekly volunteering in the littles’ classroom at school, which usually ends in a lunch date with my favorite first-graders,

about a bazillion routine annual doctor visits crammed into 10 days or so, and making (exciting!!) travel arrangements for our springtime trip to Paris. I’ve also been finishing up that dance costume I mentioned last time (there is SO. MUCH. GLITTER in my house!), pondering a new design, and eyeing that Civil War shawl pattern I gave you a glimpse of before. I haven’t had time to pick it back up yet, but I’ll be tackling it again soon! I’m excited.

Coming up next? A textured men’s hat pattern and Jen goes vegan. EEK. Will I survive? 🙂