Once upon a time, I was a young mama with two little twin boys and a lot of time on her hands, so I decided to teach myself to knit. Ten years later, I’ve discovered it was the art form I’d always been missing. I love the process of knitting. It brings me peace and deep joy to thoughtfully create, particularly for the people I love.

When I started designing, I wanted my designs to reflect the people I loved. My first hat, the Renae, was created with my deep love for my great-grandfather in mind. He passed away about ten years ago. He was the only person on earth who called me Renae.

The idea took hold: what if all my designs reflected my roots? I’ve spent more than 15 years researching my ancestry, and in those years I’ve gathered stories and details that have helped me to feel I know people I’ve never even met. I admire them, and I love them. That deep tie is expressed in each stitch of each garment and design.

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Every design on my site is created around the life and personality of someone in my family. These designs and squishy knitted items have Deep Roots. I hope you feel some of that love when they become a part of your life, too.

My patterns will all be posted for sale here, as they roll out. They will also be available on my Ravelry store, or on my Etsy shop, where you will also find my hand knits for sale.